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High-Quality Cushion Covers Collection at Export House Home Decor!

High-Quality Cushion Covers Collection at Export House Home Decor!


Welcome to Export house home decor! you know how cushion covers may change your living area. Our Export House is pleased to offer a variety of high-quality cushion coverings for any taste and style. We have boho chic patterns and embroidered beauties! This detailed guide answers all your burning questions about our unique collection.

Embroidered Cushion Covers

Why are embroidered cushion coverings unique?
Intricate patterns and designs are carefully embroidered on cushion covers. The beautiful embroidery gives your home a classic look.

Care for embroidered cushion covers?
Gentle hand washing or spot cleaning preserves delicate embroidery. To protect colour brilliance, avoid solid chemicals and machine washing.

Aari Cushion Covers

What is Aari's work cushion covers?
Indian aari embroidery is expertly crafted. Elegant detailing makes these pillow coverings a unique touch to your house.

Can I use Aari work cushion covers ?
Absolutely! Aari work pillow covers merge traditional and modern styles, making them suitable for any room.

Tufted Cushion Covers

What is tufted cushion covers?
Tufted cushion coverings are beautiful and comfortable due to their raised designs. Your seating arrangements gain dimension from the textures.

Can tufted cushion covers be used outdoors?
Tufted cushion covers made of outdoor-friendly materials can resist mild outdoor conditions; however, they are mainly used indoors.

Plain Cushion Covers

Why use plain cushion covers?
Simple cushion covers are simple elegance. They're clean and classy so you may experiment with colours and textures in other décor.

Can basic cushion covers have multiple patterns?
Absolutely! Patterned cushion covers offer a visual flair to your room. Try different combinations to get the right balance.

Boho Cushion Covers

What are the Boho cushion covers?
Boho cushion covers have brilliant colours, varied designs, and a free-spirited style. They're ideal for laid-back, unusual styles.

How can I use boho cushion coverings with neutral decor?
Accentuate neutral spaces with bohemian cushion covers. Their vibrant patterns and colours will personalise your room immediately.

Printed Cushion Covers

What printed cushion covers?
Nature-inspired and geometric motifs decorate cushion covers. The canvas for self-expression is versatile.

Are you mixing printed cushion covers in one space?
Absolutely! Mixing and mixing prints creates a lively effect. Be sure you use a consistent colour palette.

Macrame Cushion Covers

Why use macrame for cushion covers?
Beautiful and textured macrame designs are made using sophisticated knotting techniques. Macrame cushion covers add a bohemian style.

Do macrame cushion covers work formally and informally?
Macrame cushion coverings are versatile for any space in your home because they go from formal to casual.

Conclusion: Enhance your home décor with our premium cushion coverings for all preferences and styles. Our export house has the perfect cushion covers for your living space, whether you like embroidery, Aari work, tufted designs, plain covers, boho prints, printed patterns, or macrame. Mix and blend styles from our collection to make your house your own!

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