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Living Room Decor

What is an Export House?

What is an Export House?

Export House is a of quality, workmanship, and elegance in home design. We examine Export House, India's premier home decor handloom shop, to see what makes it unique and how it enhances your living spaces.

What is an Export House?

Export Houses are hubs for exporting luxury home decor. It connects producers to global marketplaces, delivering the best goods to discriminating buyers. Export houses help showcase a nation's artists' rich tradition and craftsmanship worldwide.

Export House®—India's Best Handloom Home Decor Store:

  • Export House represents quality and originality in home design. Its vast assortment of handloom goods covers all home decor needs. Let's examine Export House's wonderful product categories.
  • Add elegance and refinement to your living room with our selection of decor products. Export House adds elegance to your living area with handcrafted decorations, ottomans, and stools.
  • Enhance your bedroom decor with beautiful bedsheets, bedcovers, and cushion coverings. The set comprises elegant bed throws and cozy couch throws for a cozy hideaway.


Dinner Decor:
Make your eating experience unique with Export House's dining decor. From drapes to cushions and timber coverings, every element is designed to enrich your dining room.
Enjoy the enjoyment of luxurious bath towels that combine usefulness and elegance. Export House makes everyday stuff stylish.

Accessories like tote bags, planters, and baskets enhance your space. These complete your design well and show your flair.

Christmas Decor:
Export House's special Christmas decor lets you celebrate in elegance. Every item, from couch throws to bed throws, brings the season into your house.

Items to Gift:
Looking for the perfect gift? Export House sells unique gifts made by Indian craftsmen.

Export House is located in Mohali, Punjab, at Plot No 1684, Sector 82, JLPL, Mohali, Punjab - 140308

Export House Delhi, i46, Block I, Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Export House Goa: Casa Blasia, Gomes Pereira Road, Rua São Tomé, near Union Bank, Fontainhas (quarter), Panaji, Goa 403001

In conclusion, Export House is a voyage across India's cultural environment, not merely a shop. Export House reinvents home decor with quality and style. Export House is the place to find magnificent classics and modern novelties. Export House brings India's best workmanship to your home.

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